Piano Tuning and Repair

As a piano tech for a major piano dealer, I have had the experience of tuning literally thousands of pianos of all types, makes and sizes. From spinets to nine-foot concert grands, I've tuned it. As a piano sales associate I've come to know the details of construction between the different manufacturers in the piano business, and the pros and cons of their designs. As a Yamaha Disklavier technician I've come to know the layouts of the electronic player systems and how to calibrate, optimize and repair them. I also own several older player pianos with pneumatic (air powered) player systems and, with the retirement of Don Barton, have taken over the Barton Player Piano Company's tuning and field service. So if you have a piano or player piano of any type, I'm your guy!

I am also a factory-certified Dampp-chaser Piano Life Saver system installer. The Piano Life Saver is a piano humidity control system. It permits tunings to hold better and longer and prevents damage to piano parts from humidity changes in the environment. It's what I call an inexpensive insurance policy for your expensive piano. Visit www.dampp-chaser.com/ for more info on the Piano Life Saver system.

Check my performance page for local performances. I do piano bar as a single or in a dueling act; currently with River Rats dueling pianos. I also perform on guitar with Latin/Acoustic Fusion act Trio Tipo.

In my spare time I restore antique motorcycles, go RVing, and pet beautiful but ungrateful cats.

Serving Mpls/St Paul & Suburbs

Cat & dog friendly